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Mr. Kamlesh Moorjani

Mr. Kamlesh Moorjani

Born 08 Sept. 1945 in Sind, Kamlesh grew up in Ahmedabad. An outstanding scholar from the very beginning, he secured numerous scholarships and awards that included GOLD MEDALS, first class first position in university etc.

After completing his engineering, he did Degree in Public Administration and later MBA (Hons) in International Management from Washington DC, USA, achieving a rare feat of perfect GPA, breaking a university record of many years.

In 1977 Kamlesh moved to Dubai, UAE, as a Chief Engineer of a large construction firm. At the peak of his career (1986-88) he was Project Director/CEO of huge project of construction of a complete new city of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia. In 1990, Kamlesh moved to Toronto, Canada, where he worked as a Consultant with Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in addition to running his own furniture business.

In 1999, urged by Dada JP Vaswani, he took over as CEO of Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Director of Sadhu Vaswani Medical Complex in Pune. He was also the Chairperson of SVM Kuchchh Earthquake Relief Operations. For over 2 years, he worked there selflessly without accepting any compensation.

In year 2001, he was one of seven Sindhis worldwide to receive 'Millennium Life Time Achievement Award' instituted by the Worldwide Federations of Sindhi Panchayats. Same year, he also received prestigious award in recognition of able management of MN Budhrani Cancer Institute at the hands of Governor of Maharashtra. In July 2014, he was given "Award of Excellence" by TMC, Pune, at the hands of Governor of Goa.

Active involvement in Social activities has been his life-line. He was President of Sindhi Cultural Association of Toronto, President of Sadhu Vaswani Center, Toronto, a Director of Toronto Sindhi Gur Mandir Board and Vice-President of Alliance of Sindhi Associations of America and a Director on Pune Leprosy Council. Last year, he was the President, Rotary Club of Pune Riverside.

Currently, he is Vice Chairman (International) of Indian Institute of Sindhology; Vice President of International Sindhu Chamber of Commerce; Vice President of Top Management Consortium and Member of National Council for Promotion of Sindhi language, a government of India body under HRD ministry.

Having semi-retired from active professional life few years ago, Kamlesh chose to move partially back to India after living abroad for 35 long years. He is now based in Pune, but travels frequently the world over. A globe trotter, he has lived in 7 countries and travelled to over 75!

His three undying loves continues to be Sindhiyat, Traveling worship of the "real God" by serving the poor and the needy.

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