International Sindhi Nursery Rhymes Competition

15th June 2017 to 31st August 2017

Junior Category:

Children up to 5 years of age (Born after 15th June 2012)

Senior Category:

Children from 5 - 8 years of age (Born between 15th June 2009 to 16th June 2012)

Win 20 prices which includes Electronic Gadgets

Sindhi Nursery Rhymes Competition Extended To 31st August, 2017


International Sindhi Nursery Rhymes Competition - Regional Associates

Sr No Contact Person Contact No. Region
101 Kamlu Prem Bhojwani 62 818711117 Jakarta
102 Maya Jethani Shyam 62 8111880890 Jakarta
103 Niru Sham Daryanani 62 8161467669 Jakarta
104 Karan Lalwani 9823644405 Jalgaon
105 Reshma Bahrani 8275519810 Jalgaon
106 Ritu Raisinghani 9420347649 Jalgaon
107 Sanjay Hirani 9422783056 Jalgaon
108 Dhanraj 9427277090 jamnagar
109 Jitendrabhai Dhanwani 9427980093 Jamnagar
110 Kishore Santwani 9824294170 jamnagar
111 Mukesh Lalwani 9327059658 jamnagar
112 Naresh Meghawani 8000848586 Jamnagar
113 Pyarelal Rajpal 9408325845 jamnagar
114 Jetho Lalwani 93523 52813 Jodhpur
115 Vishal Soni 94135 78099 Jodhpur
116 Yogesh Changulani 99838 91817 Jodhpur
117 Kamlesh Limani 98291 86506 Jodhpur
118 Gautam Shewkani 9429218029 Junagadh
119 Ramesh Shewkani 9427946822 Junagadh
120 Govind Narsinghani 93739 87112 Kolhapur

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