Nursery Rhymes Competition

International Sindhi Nursery Rhymes Competition

15th June 2017 to 31st August 2017

Junior Category: Children up to 5 years of age (Born after 15th June 2012)

Senior Category: Children from 5 - 8 years of age (Born between 15th June 2009 to 16th June 2012)

Select any of the following Bait (rhymes)

For Junior Category
Sl. No. Rhymes Title Read Listen
1 Bandarmal Ji Chhati
2 Chanda Mama
3 Amma Lolo Kaun
4 Moturam
For Senior Category
Sl. No. Rhymes Title Read Listen
1 Chhokar Nandhro
2 Ghadial
3 Hikdee Huee Baanhee
4 Jhirkee

To Save the MP3 Files:

  • Right Click on the links

  • Then select "Save Link As"

Rules & Conditions

  • Your child must recite the Sindhi Nursery Rhyme. They can also sing and enact while reciting
  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • Submissions of entries will only be accepted from those email id's which are registered as Sindhi Saathi. Register as a Sindhi Saathi on
  • The Video of the child reciting the Sindhi Nursery Rhyme must be sent to us using WeTransfer ( to our email address
  • When sending the Video using WeTransfer the following details must be provided in the message box Name, Age, Address, Email id, Name of School & Contact Number
  • The rights of these videos will belong to the organizer of the competition Sindhi Sangat
  • The video entry will be judged by a panel of three experts in the field of education. Their decision will be final
  • All kids will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from Sindhi Sangat