Dr. Jetho Lalwani

Uttam Sahit Award

Recipient for year 2018

Name: Dr. Jetho Lalwani

Education: M.A" B"Ed. Phd. Hindi Vishya, Dip in Lib. Reserch - Sindhi folk songs of Bani-Kutch

Birth Date: 8th March 1945

Birth Place: Kandiyaro, Sindh.

Research Fellowship: Sindhi Katchi lok sanskriti parampara.

Madhav Yanu,37 Aditya Bunglows, Inside Awas par Nr. Noblenagar, P.O. Kubernagar, Ahmedabad -382340.
E- mail: jetholalwani@gmail.com
Website: wwwjetholalwani.com


  • Director National Council for promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL) Govt. of India.
  • Secretary Sindhi Academy, Delhi.
  • Asst. Registrar Sindhi Sahit Academy, Gujarat State.
  • Asst. Registrar Hindi Sahitya Academy, Gujarat State.
  • Asst. Registrar Urdu SahitAcademay, G.S.
  • Librarian M.D. Higher Secondary School.
  • Casual Sindhi News Reader come Translator, All India Radio, Ahmedabad.
  • Administrative officer, Topaz Finance Co.


  • Guiding Teacher Gujarat VidyaPeeth, Ahmedabad.
  • Sindhi Language professor Bhartiya Bhasha Sanskriti Sansthan.
  • Examinar Sindhi Subject M.S. University of Baroda.
  • Phd" Examinar, Language expert university of Mumbai, Karachi University, Sindh University, Ajmer University Open University, Islamabad-Pakistan.
  • Research scholar cultural ministry Govt" of India.
  • Member Board of Sindhi Studies, Gujarat University.
  • Member Sindhi Language Expert committee IGNOU, New Delhi University.
  • Member Sindhi Language Syllabus committee Avadh University.
  • Member Gujarat Rajya Shikshan Parishad, Govt. of Gujarat.
  • Member of New Education Policy, Govt. of Gujarat.
  • Member of New Education Policy 1990 implementation committee (Sindhi Language)

Posts Held

  • Vice chairman Gujarat Sindhi Sahitya Academy, Govt. of Gujarat.
  • Educational chairman, Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Sahit Parchar Sabha.
  • Chairman, Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Sahit Sabha.
  • President, Lions club of Ahmedabad.
  • Associated Presidenf Rang Karam Theatre.
  • General secretary Raskala Theater Unit.
  • Youth secretary, Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Sahit Sabha.
  • General secretary Gujarat Sindhi Patirkar Parishad.
  • General secretary Sindhi Lok Sahitya-Kala Kendra.
  • Member Central Hindi Directorate Govt. of India.
  • Member National Council for promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL) Govt. of India.
  • Member K" K. Birla Foundation Sarswati lit. Award com. Delhi.
  • Member People's Linguistic Survey of India (Bhasha).
  • Member computerization in Sindhi advisory committee CDAC Pune.
  • Worked as member of Editorial Language expert for preparing and translating Sindhi Language text books in Gujarat state.
  • Worked as an expert member Sindhi Language learning program National council for promotion of Sindhi Language, Govt. of India.
  • Worked as an expert Advisory committee member for compiling Sindhi ldioms, proverbs by lndian Instititue of Sindhology.
  • Member expert Advisory committee for preparing Sindhi books by open School Institution, New Delhi.
  • Member Gujarat Rajya Sanskiritic Praman Patar Board, Gandhinagar
  • Member of K.M. Munshi Janam Shatabadi Samiti, Govt. of Gujarat.
  • Literary career : Writer, Dramatist, folk lorist, Essayist, Short Story Children Literature, Critic, Research Lexicography, Translator, Journalist, Editor, Stage, T.V, AIR, Film writer, Director Columnist etc"

Brief Profile

Dr. Jetho Lalwani has achieved literary eminence not only sindhi but also in Gujarati and Hindi languages. Renowned also as an accomplished theatre person. Lalwani is a major fiction writer, essayist, critic, Journalist, lexicographer, translator and also a scholar in folk, classical and medieval literature. Has remarkably contributed to propagation, promotions, preservation, enrichment and modernizatton of the Sindhi Language, which is stateless, minority language in India and is recognized in the Constitution of India.

His seminal work "sindhi folk songs of Bani" which brought doctorate and research fellowship on subject "Sindhi Kutchi lok Sanskrrt parampara" to him and was awarded Rs. one lakh prtze by Central Hindi Directorat Delhi Govt.of India, which added laurels to his literary career.

Shri Hiro Thakur, an eminent researcher scholar said about the work of Dr. Jetho lalwani that it was the first of its kind in India and really unparalled. He has been scholarly writing on folk literature, Sindhi language, litreature and other arts including grammar in Gujarati and Hindi as well.

Shri Dr. Hasu Yagnik renowned educationist and famous Gujarati folk lorist appreciating Lalwani's deep study and profound knowledge of folk litreature and arts. said that "Sindhi Sangeet and Bhagat" and Sindhi folk Stories" was best books in Gujarati language.

The people's linguistic survey of India is a right based movement for carrying out a nation wide survey to identify, document and understand the state of Indian Languages especially languages of fragile, nomadic, coastal, island and forest communities. To take this linguistic survey and to achieve this objective, The Bhasha Research and Publication centre was founded in Baroda. Dr. Jetho Lalwani is active member, scholar and activists of PLSI and take survey of Sindhi Language in India and Sindhi dielact Jutki in Kutch region, An article on Sindhi-Jutki Language, origin of grammer, Folk litrature including Sindhi Literature is published in the book named Peoples Linguistic Survey of India-Gujarat- Bhasha 2010 in Gujarati edited by prof G N. Der,1, This kind of sindhi languistic survey has been done first time after partition in India by PLSI.

The book named "Kutch No Sarvangi Itihas", is prepared and published tn 2012 under kutch development council. Dr. Lalwani's research article named "Sindhi Language in Kutch" has been published. Under the editorship of Dr. Suresh Gautam, Dr. Veena Goutam. releting indian. Languages folklore books. Books are published in Hindi. The articles of Dr. Jetho Lalwani are also published related to Sindhi folk lore and Sindhi Language, books are as under.

  • Bhartiya Lok Sahit Kosh-2010
  • Bhaftiya Lori Sahitya Kosh-2014
  • Bhartiya Bal Lok Sahitya kosh-2014.
  • Bhartiya Bal Sahitya kosh-2014.

"Bhartiya Bhasha ki Pahichan" book is published under edtiorship of Dr. Siyam Tiwarr-2017 by vani publication, in this book. Dr. Jetho Lalwani's research article on "Sindhi Language" is included and published. In article origin and evolution of Sindhi Language. Significant linguistic features of Sindhi Language, including phonology, morphology and syntax, major dialects of Sindhi Language, Sindhi vocabulary stages, its growth, including preparation and post partition periods. historical writing systems (script) of Sindhi. Changes in structure in Sindhi Language and social condition ets. are included.

An article "Sindhi Language in India" (research) is published "Sindhi Boli" Sindhi Language research Journal) of Sindhi Language Authority, Govt. of Sindh Pakistan 2010. Same article is published in "Sindhu Jyot" quarterly journal of Sindhi Academic Delhi-2017 edited by Shri MohanHimthani. Dr. Lalwani's book named "Sindhi Bhasha Sahitya" 2018 in Gujarati also includes origin, development history of Sindhi Language, vocabulary, scripts. Linguistic features, phonology, dialects etc and also included Sindhi folk literature of Sindhi is translated in Gujarati and relation of Sindhi Language with other Languages like Sanskrit. Pale, Apbhransh, Gujarati are shown.

Dr. Jetho Lalwani book "Sindhi Sahitya Ek Parichya"-2006 (in Hindi) is published.In this book origin, expansion of sindhi language geographical Areas of sindhi language, speaking areas, scripts, sindhi literature periods, ancient (1000 to 1522 BC.), classical, medieval and modern (1522 to 1853 BC.), (1843 BC to til today of language & literature) literature and folk literature’s subject are covered. In this book classical poets, KaziKadan (1431-1551), Shah Latif (1681 -1751), Mahamati Prannath (1618-1694), Shah Lutafali Kadri (1611 to 1679), Sachal (1739-1829), Sami (1743-1850) etc poets, writer's are covered. Literature and writers of Medieval period from BC 1522 to 1843 BC are also included.

Dr. Jetho Lalwani is first sindhi folk lorist who is doing field work to collect sindhi folk lore in Bani-Katch area, Jaiselmer, Barmer, Rajsthan also. Dr. Jetho Lalwani is a first scholar in India. Who started a project for sindhi folk literature research, collection propagation, promotion and publish under the umbrella Sindhi Sahit Academi Gujarat-State, more than twelve books hare been published. Sindhi Folk Litrature of ancient Sindhi trible like Jat, Sama, Soomra, Mutwa, Halepota, Sodha etcs covers including Jatki, Sodhiki, Mutwaki dialects of Sindhi Language.

A book name "Sindhua Ja Geet" 'Songs of Sindhu-folk songs' has been Published in 2008 in Sindh Pakistan by Dr. Iamal Jamro. In this book from India folk lorist Dr. Jetho Lalwani's contribution of Sindhi Folk Lore in India is included. Dr. Jetho Lalwani attended International conferences of Indian Folk Lore congress under the chairmanship of International Folk Lorist Prof. Jawaharlal Handoo

Dr. Jetho Lalwani has been teaching Sindhi Language to non sindhis at Bhartiya Basha Sanskrit Sansthan, Gujarat Vidyapeeth since 2002. Dr. Jetho Lalwani is a first Educationist who taught Sindhi Language through Gujarati medium to non Sindhis by AIR Ahmedabad under Media Language learning scheme.

Dr Prem Prakash renowned in the field of Sindhi literature said that Jetho Lalwani had never failed to save the language and literature specially folk literature while working any organizations and executed literary events as well as brought out wonderful publications specially folk lore, Sindhi language, grammar,Medieval period literature and dictionaries.

Dr Jetho Lalwani's passion for Sindhi language and commitment to literature never restricted him across geographical borders to significantly contribute to domain of culture. He also contributed across border in Sindh-Pakistan in International literary seminars and delivered, produced research papers on various topics of classical poets, medieval period literature and folk lore.

Dr Jetho Lalwani has been a reviewer of Ph.D thesis in the universities of Mumbai, Ajmer, Gujarat and also of Sindh in Pakistan, Karachi, Sindh and Islamabad universities. As a critic, folklorist and exportations of sindhi classical poets Shah, Sachal, Sami, Quazi Qadan Lalwani presented his scholarly papers at seminars and conferences in India and abroad,

Dr. Jetho Lalwani attended Shah Sachal Sami (classical poets of Sindhi language) lnternational conference on 2008 and International conference of classical poet of SindShah Abdul Latif conference in 2012 and 2014 at Bhit Shah-Pakistan and presented research Papers on classical poet Shah Latif papers were published in research journal of Sindh.

Late Shri Gobind Malhi opined that Lalwani was a multifaceted personality and was one of very few litreary gaints who had contributed their seminal constructive research work to sindhi language and literature. Sharpening and excelling Dr Lalwani's tools of folk litreature are sindhi language, creative writings and research. He continues his literary journey for more than five decades.

Dr. Jetho Lalwani contributed more than sixty research papers, authored more than 85 Books in Sindhi, Gujarati & Hindi and continues contributing in the field of Sindhi Language, Literature & folk Litrature and education.

In Madan Jumani's celebrated artist words "Jetho Lalwani has relentlessly been working and toiling for Sindhi Language, folk literature and theatre including folk theatre. An organization in himself Jetho Lalwani continues to influence contemporary Sindhi readership with his writings, research and intellectual.

Dr Jetho Lalwani is aacknowledged Language Scholar and active activist in the development of Sindhi Language. The details about his major works are given in Biodata under this scheme.

Books Published:

  • Folk lore (Sindhi)
  • Bania Jo Sindhi lok Adab
  • Sindhi Piroleun
  • Sindhi lok natak
  • Sindhi folk lore
  • Asanjo varso
  • Bania Ja Sindhi lok geet (Thesis)
  • Sindhi lok Rang
  • Sindhi Kutchi Lok Sangeet-Lok Nirtya
  • LokAdab kala ja munhija sanskar
  • Lok Maznoon
  • Bani Saquafat Sindhi Kachhi lok
  • Sindhi Kachhi lok Tiahzeebe Rawaltoon
  • Geetan Jo Guldasto Lada Sindhi folk
  • Hindi
  • Sindhi Bhagat Shaitya
  • Sindhi Bhagat
  • Sindhi Boli ka lok sahitya
  • Sindhi katchhi lok sanskiriti parmpara
  • Gujarati
  • Sindhi lok kathao
  • Sindhi Sangeet - Bhagat
  • Language-Literature (Research)
  • Sindhi
  • Veecar
  • Adbi Surhan
  • Adbi Veecar
  • Adbi Guncho
  • Adab jo sengar
  • Sindhi Sant Sahit
  • Gujarat Sindhi Maznoon Navisi (Edited)
  • Hindi
  • Sindhi Sahit Darpan
  • Sindhi Saldty Ek Parichya
  • Sindhi Bal Sahitva
  • Gujarati
  • Sindhu nu vaheto neer
  • Sindhi Bhasha Sahitya
  • Dictionary
  • Hindi Sindhi Gujarati
  • GuftSu (flow to leam sindhi) Translation
  • SindhiGujarati Dictionary (on Editorial Board)
  • Plays
  • Tuhinja Gam MuhinjaAhin (One Act Play)
  • Obhariyun-Lahwariyun
  • [Iadaso (Radio Play)
  • Khuni Chambo (Aids Radio Serial)
  • Aakhreen Sindhi (One Act Plays)
  • Pyar Ja Rang (Fihn Script)
  • Band Danvaja (Edited)
  • The Game (Soeen Plays)
  • Aau ta Parchun Pan Men (Edited)
  • Literary Essayas
  • Filmstar (Interviews)
  • Natak Ain Rangmanch Kala
  • Natak Kala Jo Vikas
  • Sindhi Natya Daraban
  • Sharirik Taleem
  • Badani Sikhiya
  • Vatan Je Sadke
  • Maua Aia Baaru (Science)
  • Azadra Jo Parwano Hemu Kalani
  • Muhag
  • Sindhi Natak Parampra
  • Short Stories
  • Mazia Ja DundhlaAkas
  • Post Martem
  • Radi
  • Poetry
  • Deep Dhartia Ja
  • Travelogue
  • Mur Na Visiran Sindh
  • Children Literature
    • Akashi Yatra (Science)
    • Tirangi Roshini (One Act Play)
    • Bal Rang Munch
    • Biliea Jo Sabur (Stories)
    • Muchhir Mamo (One Act Plays)
    • Kitabi Kero (Stories)
    • Rajpath Jo Rahi (Stories)
    • Gujarati Books
    • Sindhi Natya Boomi
    • Tara Dukh MaraChha (One Act Play)
    • Sindhu No Vaheto Neer
    • Hindi Books
    • SindhiNatak Itihas
    • Gobind Malhi (Monograph)
    • Translations (Gujarati to Sindhi)
    • Quatil Keer (One Act)
    • Jaduea Chido (Children Novel)
    • Gul Banji Achijae (Novel)
    • Kunwaran Kayo Kamal (Three Act Play)
    • Amirt Khathaun (Stories)
    • Peeda Ain Ahisas (Novel)
    • Ba Nateak Kar (One Act Plays)
    • Ali Baba Gum (Children Novel)
    • Shriman Feru Firki (ThreeAct Play)
    • Shadi Th Kar (ThreeAct Play)
    • Sindhi to Gujarati
    • Kaniya Fari Thi Iovee Chhe (Stories)
    • Guru Nanik Jeevan Darshan (Biography)
    • Ghar Ek Mandir (ThreeAct Play)
    • Nish Kalank Devta (Novel)
    • Sindhi Sahit Na Sitara (Biography)
    • DewarAne TashNa Patta (Stories)
    • Sanbhandh (One Act Plays)
    • Hindi to Sindi
    • Sasu Ser-Nuhu Sava Ser (Three act play)
    • Pakistani Kahaniyan

    Awards / Honours:

    • Best literary Award, National Council For Promotion of Sindhi Hyderabad, Sind.
    • Sahitya Akademi, Tranlation Award
    • Rashitry Dharam Hindi Sevi Sanmarl Lukhnow
    • Litb Time Acheivement Award-NCPSL, Delhi.
    • Nagrik Samman Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
    • Best Literary Hindi tar book Award, Sindhi Kutchi Lok Sanskriti Parampara (Folk Lore) by CFD. Govt. of India. Language (NCPSL), (H.R.D.) Mini. Govt. of India). Delhi. 20AI
    • One Literary Award from Gujarat Sahitya Academy, Gandhinagar. 2002
    • Gourav Puriskar of Rs. 25,000/- Sindhi SahitAcademy, Govt" of Gujarat
    • Sahitya Shan Award, Writer-Artist selfare society, Mumbai
    • Best literary Award, Hindi Sahitya Academy, Gandhinagar
    • Gourav Puriskar Gujarat Sangeet Nakk KalaAcademy
    • Best Book Sindhi Boli Ka Lok Sahitya, by Hindi Sahitya Academy
    • Best Book Award "Azadia Jo Parvano Amar Shahid Hemo Kalani" byN"C.P.S,L., New Delhi and Gujarat Sindhi Sahitya Academy, Gandhinagar 2008
    • Children Literary Award, Sindhi Language Authority,
    • Best BookAward "Sindhi Kutchhi Lok Sanskriti parampra" Hindi Sahitya Academi, Gandhinagar. ZOL3
    • Bal Sahitya Puriskar, SahityaAcademi Z0l5
    • Best LiteraryAward Rs. 25,000/- Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Sahit Sabha-Jaipur.
    • Five literaryAwards for Best Book from Govt. of Gujarat & Sindhi SahityaAcademy, Gujarat State.
    • Best literary Awar4 Central Hindi Directorate Govt. of India.
    • Best literaryAward, Ministry of information and Broad Casting, Govt" of India (for play "Fladso")
    • Award for Best Contribution to Sindhi literature Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli SahitParchar Sabha Mumbai"
    • Award, of Best Writer by Sahyog foundation, Mumbai.
    • Best literary Award, Adult Education Govt. of India.
    • Award of Best Journalist


    • Journalist columnist-Editor So many weekly papers, literary magazines, Chief editor 'stage’
    • (Magazine of plays and Theaters) "Sindhi Lok Varso" (Magazine of Folk Litrature) on Editorial Board. Special Activities
    • Organising Literary Workshop, Seminars, Conference and Folk Litrature Festival.

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