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Let's Learn Sindhi - Interactive Multimedia CD ROM

Learn Sindhi Modules

Sindhi Sangat and the Indian Institute of Sindhology, take pleasure and pride in presenting this "LET'S LEARN SINDHI CD-ROM" an interactive multimedia CD-ROM.

It is a powerful tool and media:

  • To understand and speak Sindhi
  • To read and write Sindhi in Arabic script.

This is a computer-based training (CBT) program with extensive learning material for understanding and speaking Sindhi. It is assumed that the learner has basic knowledge of English. This is an 'electronic' book for self-learning. We have not published any book with this title.

In order to learn to speak like native speakers, a facility to record your own voice is available. Here the learner can speak the Sindhi words and sentences to perfect his speech and compare with the pronunciations in the CD. To learn to write the language, the learner can print the screens for practicing cursive writing.

An extensive Help is available through all the modules of the CD-ROM. The graphical buttons make navigation through the modules straightforward.

Let's Learn Sindhi CD ROM comprises of 8 modules:

  • Basics
  • Word Power
  • Words and Sentences
  • Conversation
  • Vocabulary
  • Literature
  • Grammar
  • Life and Culture
  • 1. Basics:
    This module is divided in four sections, explained as under:

    1. Sindhi Consonants:
      The CD explains comparable English sounds, writing alphabets in Sindhi with the help of directive arrows and animation to indicate formation of the letter. To reinforce the recognition of letter with more examples, illustrative words with image and audio are also given. Every consonant is combined with different vowel signs and the pronunciations of the same helps the learner to understand the distinct feature of the same. Necessary note there to indicate distinct feature of the relate consonants.
    2. Sindhi Vowels:
      This section contains the letter for vowel and the vowel signs, which are to be added to consonants with Roman equivalent to facilitate a learner, understand the vowel quality. This section also makes the distinction between oral and nasalized vowels, which is one of the peculiarities of Sindhi language. Each screen provides all the vowels with audio. Illustrative words with English equivalent and a picture for each vowel sign are given.
    3. Cardinal Numbers:
      A brief introduction to write cardinal numbers is provided with pictures of familiar objects, audio. Animation is provided up to 10 showing directive movement of the hand to write the numbers properly.
    4. Ordinal Numbers:
      The position of numbers from first to tenth is shown with a projected picture that provides a clear understanding of the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers.

    2. Sindhi Words and Sentences:
    This module is divided in three sections, explained as under:

    1. Shapes of Consonants: In Sindhi, consonants have different shapes according to their position in a word. This module provides information about various shapes of consonants based on their position in the word. The shapes have been grouped for easy understanding.
    2. Combining Vowel Signs to Consonants:
      Vowel signs are added to consonants to make the words.
    3. Simple Words and Sentences in Sindhi:
      The words have been put into simple sentences. Thus, this section teaches the learner combination of letters into words and words into sentences.

    3. Sindhi Vocabulary:
    Vocabulary teaches the learner to communicate in various situations by using appropriate words. Keeping this in view, the Vocabulary module has been divided in three sections:

    1. Classified Vocabulary:
      Classified vocabulary includes 28 categories of words used for different purpose. It consists categories such as Animals, Birds, Colours, Creatures, Days of the week, Fruits, Games and Entertainment, Musical Instruments, Nature, Parts of the Body, Relatives, Time and Calendar, Vegetables, etc.
    2. Functional Vocabulary:
      Functional Vocabulary includes all those Sindhi words that have been used in various sections of this CD as illustrative words. They have been put in alphabetic order for ease of search.
    3. Grammatical Vocabulary:
      Grammatical vocabulary includes frequently used forms of pronouns; very useful list of adjectives, commonly used verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections.

      More than 1500 Sindhi words have been included in vocabulary section, which are quite sufficient for use in daily life.

    4. Sindhi Conversation: The conversation module has three sections, which can be explained as under:

    1. Commonly Used Sentences:
      This is a section of about 75 stock statements in English having equivalent in Sindhi which are normally used in every day life.
    2. Situational Expressions:
      This section provides material for conversation in simple every day life situations such as conversing at the Post Office, with laundry man, at a Doctor's Clinic and so on. Around 15 such situations are covered in Audio and text form.
    3. Dialogues:
      This section has 10 dialogues between different people at different occasions. Dialogues between friends, a Teacher & a student, a grandfather & his grand daughter, parents & their children and so on are given in audio and text form.

      By mastering this module, the learner can communicate with reasonable accuracy of pronunciation and intention with Sindhi speakers.

    5. Word Power:
    This module provides the material to make conversation effective. It includes idioms (50), proverbs (40), antonyms (50) and synonyms (25). This audio enriched module makes learner richer from language point of view.

    6. Grammar:
    The grammar section gives a brief sketch of Sindhi grammar for those who are interested in formal rules of Sindhi language. Though it is a brief sketch, it provides examples and easily handled exercises and is therefore helps to strengthen the learner’s understanding of linguistic structure in Sindhi language.

    7. Sindhi Literature:
    This section includes culturally oriented prose passages and the poetry of classical poets like Shah, Sachal and Sami and also the poems of modern poets who are Sahitya Academy Award winners. In one way, it provides a peep into Sindhi literature.

    8. Life and Culture:
    Though the aim of this CD is to provide material for self-learning of Sindhi language, it also attempts to provide the cultural orientation by providing information about Sindhi way of life and Sindhi culture. It includes the information about Indus Civilization, Sindhi Festivals, interesting facts about Sindh and Sindhis, the development of Sindhi language and literature, glimpses of Sindhi history, culture and famous Sindhi Personalities.

    Learn Sindhi CD Demo

    Click the link below to download Let's Learn Sindhi CD ROM Demo - Zipped File

    You will need an application to unzip/uncompress the demo such as Winzip or WinRar

    Dada J. P. Vaswani - Releasing CD ROM:

    Dada Jashan Vaswani Releasing the CD ROM
    Asha Chand Speaking about the CD
    On 17th January 2003

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    Let's Learn Sindhi CD ROM Credits:

    Chief Patron: Shri Murij Manghnani

    Executive Producer
    Ms. Asha Chand

    Dr. D. G. Kodwani

    Co-ordination and Concept
    Dr. Satish Kumar Rohra

    Content Development
    Ms. Vimmi Sadarangani

    I. T. Consultants & Software Development
    M/s Odyssey Ways


    Dr. Moti Prakash
    Ms. Asha Chand
    Dr. D. G. Kodwani

    Special Thanks:
    Mr. Chand Punjabi

    • Dr. Moti Prakash
    • Ms. Kala Prakash
    • Mr. Saheb Bijani
    • Mr. Mohan Gehani
    • Ms. Rupa Gehani
    • Mr. Manish Punjabi

    Images and Sindhi Titles: Khuda Baux Abro, Sind
    Replication of CD-ROM: Planet Optical Disc Ltd. FZE, Dubai
    Printing: Gulf Technical & Commercial Printing Press, Sharjah

    Presented By:
    Sindhi Sangat and Indian Institute of Sindhology, India

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