Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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(Late) Shri Dharam Kumar Tolani

Name (Late) Shri Dharam Kumar Tolani
Title if any  : ‘Deepak Asha’
Date of Birth : Tando Adam Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 26-11-1919
Academic Attainments          : III Std.
Permanent Residential
: 71/1, Mulund Colony,
Mulund, Mumbai – 400 082

Significant Literary Achievements/ Contributions :

Film Career :
His first and foremost contribution was the production and direction of number of Sindhi films particularly after partition.  The focus was on healing the wounds of the shattered Sindhi community, consequent to the unfortunate partition of the country as also to preserve the Sindhi language and its rich culture.  Deepak Asha’s most popular films were:
1)   ‘Abana’ (Ancestors), 1958.
2)   ‘Insaf Kithe Aa’ (Where is justice?), 1960. 
3)   ‘Jhulelal’ (Patron God of Sindhis), 1964.
4)   ‘Shal Dheeyar Na-Jaman’ (Let daughter not be Born), 1969
5)   ‘Anja ta Maan Nadhiri Ahiyaan’ (I am still young), 1970

Music Party :
Deepak formed Music Party like Prof. Ram Panjwani, and traveled all over the country wherever Sindhis had settled down and captivated their hearts by rendering Sindhi folk songs and ‘Soofi’ kalams. Attempt was to momentarily mitigate their sufferings and bring sunshine in their lives.
Rehabilitation of Sindhis :
Deepak always lived in Sindhi Refugee Camps, basically to project Sindhi community’s problems for which he started a Sindhi weekly magazine called ‘Sindhi Sansar’.

He expired on 28th July 1993.

Finale :

After unfortunate partition of the country, Deepak Asha settled in a Refugee Camp at Mulund and shared sorrows and joys of the forlorn Sindhi community. To relieve them from the pain of partition and bring cheer to them in an hour of despair, he started a singing squad, collected young people of both sexes, composed patriotic and inspiring songs, set them to tune and sung them to the audiences in Refugee Camps in Mumbai and around. He became very popular to the people at large.

Deepak Asha had a great fascination for the world of glamour.  Some how he managed to enter the film industry.  He achieved great success, both in Hindi and Sindhi cinema.  He produced  over half dozen of Sindhi films.  “Abana” with patriotic theme and “Jhulelal” with religious mythological theme were box office hits.  Other films were socially oriented with overtones of social reform and awakening among the women.  His name in film industry floated high.  He was offered to direct some Hindi films with success, which earned him praise in filmdom.

He received many “Manpatras” and felicitations and became “beloved” of the people.

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