Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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Murijmal Manghnani

Name Murijmal Manghnani
Date of Birth : Tando Adam Dist: Nawabshah, Sind, (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 16-2-1927
Permanent Residential
: P.O. Box No.6, Dubai
Telephone Nos. : (R) (971-4) 3525398
Occupation/ Profession : Business in Dubai (U.A.E.)
He is Executive Chairman of
INTRA GROUP and Director
of number of other business ventures

Significant Literary Achievements/ Contributions :

Apart from being a successful business magnate in U.A.E. where he want as migrant in 1954.  Shri Murijmal has carved out a niche for himself in the cultural and social fields not only in U.A.E. but also in Mumbai, Ulhasnagar and Adipur (Kutch).  He is a moving spirit behind every Sindhi cultural activity particularly in Dubai.
He is also responsible for providing educational facilities to the children of Sindhi community who has settled down in U.A.E.  The Indian High School, of which he is a founder chairman, imparts quality education and is affiliated to the SSC and HSC boards in Maharashtra.

He is also founder Chairman of Indian Sports Clubs in Dubai which provide sports facilities to Indians, bulk of beneficiaries are members of Sindhi community.

He is President of Indian Association, a powerful social organisation of Indians in Dubai.  Thus, he is a heart and soul of Indian community, which includes large member of Sindhis.  Shri Murijmal has enviable reputation of being a great philanthropist and magnanimously supports all worthy and noble causes.  In India as a Chief Patron of Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ani Sahit Sabha.  He has in 1982 instituted an Annual Award of Rs.25,000/- for an outstanding literary work as a token of encouragement to Sindhi writers/ poets.

He is actively associated with Indian institute of Sindhology which is on same pattern as Institute of Sindhology in Sind (Pakistan).  This institute promotes and preserves Sindhi language, customs, culture etc. in its original form.  It has been doing great pioneering research work. 

Yet another noteworthy contribution which is not only confined to Sindhi community but is a cosmopolitan venture known as  the ‘We Care Trust’, under which ‘Thalassaemia Prevention and Screening Centre’ has been established in Mumbai.  He is the Chief Patron of the Trust and has been ably assited by his son Chander Manghani.  Chander is yet another Sindhi Conformist of Sindhyat and has been working behind the scenes for number of years for its promotion.

Recognition By Way Of Award/ Honours :

Shri Murijmal is recipient of number of awards/ honours in Dubai and in India for his outstanding contributions in promoting and preserving Sindhayat.  However, we are giving below a few:
1)   ‘NRI Award’ for outstanding contributions overseas 2000 (At Mumbai by Priyadarshani Academy).
2)   ‘Jhulelal Award’, for rendering yeoman’s service to Sindhi community in U.A.E. 1991 (In Mumbai by International Sindhi Panchayat Federation).

Additional Information :

1)   In an effort to promote sports, the Sindhi Youth Club of Ulhasnagar has started ‘Gymkhana’ in the name of ‘Murijmal  Manghani’.
2)   He has established Trust for the Welfare of Sindhi Writers and Artistes who are in dire need of financial help in the predicament of enduring illness.  This gesture is well received by Sindhi writers and artistes.
3)   He is very actively associated with several social & cultural organisations in Dubai and in India.

Finale :

A pure ‘Sindhi’ from humble beginning he has made a business Empire particularly in UAE but significant factor stands out that he knows how gainfully to spend that money.  You ask for financial help (of course for genuine cause) it is there – ‘philanthropy’ par excellence is demonstrated in every action of this great soul. He has been well wisher and God father of Sindhi community, language and culture in UA.E.   No Sindhi cultural programme is complete without Murijmal’s involvement in it.
Indian Institute of Sindhology at Adipur is virtually his creation and he has been nurturing it well even though at considerable cost.

He has a personality, which can influence and inspire. An ever smiling hero his presence is felt whenever he goes.

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