Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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Ram Jivatram Buxani

Name Ram Jivatram Buxani
Date of Birth : Hyderabad , Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 2-9-1941
Permanent Residential
: P.O.Box No.6, Dubai (UAE)
Telephone Nos. : (971-4) 3525398
Occupation/ Profession : Business Executive Vice- Chairman of renowned Intra Group and Director of many more companies, hotels, industries etc. both in India Dubai (U.A.E.) and elsewhere in the world.

Significant Literary Achievements/ Contributions :

His most significant contribution is the ‘Recognition’ of renowned writers and poets by way of annual awards through  Ishwaribai Buxani (in the name of his mother),Trust.   This award was instituted to encourage and inspire Sindhi Writers and Poets to make an outstanding contribution to Sindhi literature.

In Dubai (UAE) he formed Sindhi cultural organisation called “Aseen Sindhi” (We Sindhis) to promote Sindhi cultural activities and preserve ‘Sindhayat’ in UAE.  Through this organisation host of Sindhi cultural programmes are held regularly in which not only the local (Sindhi) talented artiste are encouraged to perform but also artists from India and even from Pakistan are invited to perform to keep traditional Sindhi culture alive.  Number of Sindhi families have settled down in Dubai and other parts of UAE and they look forward to witnessing such programmes with great enthusiasm.

Apart from Sindhi cultural activities, Ram has also provided educational and sports facilities to Sindhi community in UAE through renowned Indian High School and Indian Sports Club, Dubai.  Indian High School has been catering to the much needed educational requirement of children of Sindhi families.  This institute is affiliated to SSC & HSSC boards in Maharashtra and the educational standards are well above average.

Ram is associated in responsible capacities with number of business, commercial, charitable, cultural and social organisations both in India, Dubai (UAE) & Mauritius.  It is a very long list and speaks volume about his ‘calibre’ and ‘capability’.  He has also chaired number of seminars/ symposium on variety of subjects such as business, finance trade, and inspite of his active involvement in aforesaid activities he is a Sindhi left Sindhi right and sindhi centre. and his contributions in promoting and preserving ‘Sindhayat’ are noteworthy.

Recognition By Way Of Award/ Honours :

Ram is recipient of numerous Awards/ Honours.   However, we are listing only most significant amongst them.
1. ‘Shield’ for outstanding contribution to Sindhi Community 1983 (At New Delhi at Vishva Sindhi Sammelan by the President of India).
2. ‘Man of Achievement’ Award, 1983 (At London, by International Biographical Centre, England).
3. ‘Udyog Rattan’ award for contribution to business and industry, 1987 (At New Delhi by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India).
4. ‘Jhulelal’, award for rendering yeoman services to Sindhi community, 1987 (At Mumbai by INternational Sindhi Panchayat Federation).
5. ‘Sindhi Ratan’ Award, 1999 (At New Delhi by Sindhi Sabha).
6. ‘Bharat Gaurav’ award, 2002 (At Mumbai by Indian Merchants Association).

Finale :

Ram has become a towering personality, well connected not only in business and trade circles but also in social and cultural circles.  As on date, he is a director of 18 companies both in India and overseas.

Sindhayat in his blood and he is readily available to assist and help any Sindhi Association/ Organisation doing useful work to promote Sindhi language, literature and culture.

Ram, is well mannered, orator and is capable of captivating his audience and bring them on wave length.

He is suave, polite and a genuine person.  There is hardly a Sindhi organisation/  Association/ Panchayat who have not heard his name.  He helps the cause without making much a do about it.

He is an asset to Sindhi Community and will go down the memory lane as a Karmayogi

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