Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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(Late)  Gobind ‘Malhi

Name (Late)  Gobind ‘Malhi
Title if any  : Malhi
Date of Birth : Tharu Shah, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 05-08-1921
Academic Attainments          : LL.B.
Permanent Residential
: 101-A Raj Kiran, M.G. Road,
Kandivili (W), Mumbai  400 067
Telephone Nos. : (R) 91-22-2801 1786

Significant Literary Achievements/ Contributions :

As Writer :
About 50 literary works were authored by Malhi. A few most
significant are given below :
1.    Aansoo  (Tears), Novel, 1952
2.    Zindagia-Jee-Rah Te (On the Path of Life) Novel, 1952.
3.    Pakhiara Valar Khan Vichriya (Birds separated from its flock), Novel, 1953.
4.    Dehi Pardehi Thiya (Natives became strangers), Novel, 1956.
5.    Ishq Naahe Raand  (Love is not a game), Novel 1956.
6.    Pyar Ji Pyas  (Thirst for Love), Novel, 1972.  
As Journalist :
Malhi was the Editor of  Murk, bimonthly literary Sindhi magazine.

As Dramatist :
Malhi  wrote several plays, which acquired fame.  Some of these were:
1.    Ghot Kunwar Raazi (Bride & Bridegroom Happy).
2.    Gustakhi Maaf  (Excuse me).
3.    Sindhu a Jo Saugandh (Swear in the name of sacred Indus River).
       He also produced a Sindhi Film Sindhu-a-Je Kinare (On the Bank of River Indus ).

Recognition By Way Of Award/ Honours :

He received numerous Awards / Honours.  Some of the prestigious one are given below:
•    Award for his Novel Pyar Ji Pyas, 1973(At New Delhi by Sahitya Akademi, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India).
    Gaurav Puraskar, 1990 (At Mumbai by Govt. of Maharashtra ).
•    International  Latif Award, 1991 At Dubai (UAE).
•    Literary Award, 1993(At Calcutta by Bhartiya Basha Parishad).
    Life Time Achievement Award, 1996 (At Delhi by Sindhi Sahitya Academy).

Additional Information :

i)    He wrote his autobiography in five volumes titled  Adab Ain Adeeb.
ii)   He was also a renowned translator.   Some of the works that he translated were:
       a)    World renowned Maxim  Gorky’s Novel Mother
       b)   Tara Shankar  Banerji’s Novel  Dharti Mata

He expired on 10th February 2001.

Finale :

1. Gobind Malhi was one of the most outstanding and prolific writer of Sindhi language, particularly in the post-partition period.  He tried his pen in every literary field with success, more particularly in Sindhi novel, short play and Sindhi stage.

2. He was a follower of the progressive literary movement in Sindhi literature and inspired many a young Sindhi writers.  He was the prominent member of trimurti of Sindhi writers (Malhi,Kirat,Uttam), who initiated, inspired and guided the movement of Sindhayat after partition for the preservation and promotion of Sindhi language, culture and folk music.

3. Malhi’s role in promotion of Sindhi folk music along with Ms. Bhagwanti Navani and other artists will remain historic and memorable.  His voluminous literary contributions, more particularly in novel is matchless. 

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