Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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Nand Hariram Javeri

Name Nand Hariram Javeri
Date of Birth : Shikarpur, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 1.7.1937
Academic Attainments          : B.A. (Hons.)
Permanent Residential
: 5A-66 Shyam Niwas,
B.Desai Road,
Mumbai  400 026
Telephone Nos. : (R) 91-22-2367 0797, Off: 2368 0800.
Occupation/ Profession : Diamond Merchant

Significant Literary Achievements/ Contributions :

1.    Nanga Khet Hik Raat (One Night at Open Farms), Short Stories, 1960.
2.    Chow wate Te  (At the Cross Road), Poems, 1990.

Recognition By Way Of Award/ Honours :

•    Award for his book Chow wate Te, 1992 (At New Delhi by Central Hindi Directorate, Govt. of India)

Additional Information :

i)    Basically Nand is a literary critic.  He has written more than 40 articles, bulk of which are literary criticism oriented.  His articles are very popular and are published in literary magazines like Sipoon, Kunj, and Sindhu Jyot regularly.
ii)   His new book Shaair Shah Jo Chit (The soul of Legendary Poet Shah Abdul Latif) covering 75 Poems is under print.

Finale :

Nand is a well known poet of Sindhi community.  His forte is Naeen Kavita.  He is specially known for giving something new.  He is also a well known literary critic.

Please note Sindhisangat has uploaded the entire book on the website as per discussion with the Mr Bhagwan Bhagchandani.