Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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Dr. Satish Kumar Rohra

Name Dr. Satish Kumar Rohra
Date of Birth : Dadu, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 15-8-1929
Academic Attainments          : M. A. (Hindi), Ph.  D. (Linguistics).
Permanent Residential
: 5, Maleer, Ward 4-A,
Adipur (Kutch)  370205
Telephone Nos. : (R) 91-2836-62134, (O) 60997 
Occupation/ Profession : Former Director, Indian Institute of Sindhology, Adipur.
Fax : 60336 
Email :

Significant Literary Achievements/ Contributions :

1.    Rishto (Relationship),  Short Stories, 1989.
2.    Chhand Chhan (Analysis), Critical essays, 1996.
3.    Undahi jo Sachhu (Truth of Darkness), Short Stories, 1997.
4.    Bhasha Ain Bhasha Vigyan (Language & Linguistics).

Additional Information :

i)    Dr. Rohra is basically a thinker and  literary criticism is the field of his special interest.
ii)   He has attended many seminars and conferences in India and abroad and in the process has visited many countries, which include U. S. A., Canada,
U. K., France, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Hongkong.

Finale :

Dr. Satish Kumar Rohra is a scholar and Doctor in linguistics, who has taught Hindi at Benares Hindu University for many years and has visited as Professor of Hindi in Guyana & Georgetown (South America) for 4 years.

Dr. Satish Kumar’s field of interest is literary criticism.  He has written so much in this area.  A collection of his critical essays entitled Chand Chhan is highly esteemed in the literary circles.  His recent book Bhasha and Bhasha Vigyan (Language & Linguistics) is a very comprehensive treatise on the subject and a welcome and significant contribution to the Sindhi language.

Occasionally he indulges in fiction writing and pens a short story or two.  He has brought out two collections of short stories.  Two qualities stand out: his flawless language and flourishe of philosophical thoughts.

Rohra’s historic and monumental work is building of Institute of Sindhology, a cultural centre at Adipur (Gandhidham) for the preservation and a promotion of Sindhi culture and its rich heritage, along with other comrades. 

Please note Sindhisangat has uploaded the entire book on the website as per discussion with the Mr Bhagwan Bhagchandani.