Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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Assan Vaswani

Name Assan Vaswani
Title if any  : ‘Majboor’ 
Date of Birth : Banguldero, Dist Larkana,
Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 27-2-1932
Academic Attainments          : M.A. (English Literature),
M.A. (Hindi Literature)
Permanent Residential
: THX-97, Adipur (Kutch)PIN - 370205
Telephone Nos. : (R) 91-2836-60131
Occupation/ Profession : Retd. Principal,
Tolani College of Arts., Adipur

Significant Literary Achievements/ Contributions :

Assan has published total 8 books.  Most significant amongst them are given below:
1.    ‘Zindagee-a-Ja Naghma’ (Songs of life), Poems on nature, poverty, social injustice, 1961.
2.    ‘Muaf Kajo’  (Pardon me  please), Satirical essays on life, 1985.
3.    ‘Ishwar-Jo-Aapghat’ (God commits suicide), Satirical Poems on relegion, polity etc. 1995.
4.    ‘Khalish ain Khaka’ (Agony & Sketches), Poems, 1996.
5.    ‘Junoon Ain Jang’ (Fanaticism & War), Poems, 2001.

Recognition By Way Of Award/ Honours :

•    Award for his book ‘Ishwar-Jo-Aapghat’, 1995 (By Gujarat Sindhi Sahitya Academy).
•    Award for his book ‘Khalish Ain Khaka’, 1996 (At New Delhi by National Council for Promotion of Sindhi language).
•    Award for his book ‘Maazi-a-Jo Dafan’ (Burial of Past), (By Gujarat Sindhi Sahitya Academy).

Additional Information :

i)    Assan is an approved AIR Artiste.  He gives talk on variety of social subjects on AIR.
ii)   Some of his poems were translated in English and published in ‘Indian literature and Samkaleen’, a publication by Central Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.
iii)  He writes on current events and their impact on Society.  Through his poems, he exposes prevalent bigotry, poverty, and religious fundamentalism etc.

Finale :

Basically he is an educationist.  He has retired as a Principal from Tolani College of Arts, Adipur-Kutch.  He is unassuming and has been writing poetry for quite some time, but has recently shot into prominence.  He has quite a few books of poetry to his credit.  Most significant amongst them are ‘Zindagee-a-Ja Naghma’ and ‘Ishwar Jo Apghat’.

Please note Sindhisangat has uploaded the entire book on the website as per discussion with the Mr Bhagwan Bhagchandani.