Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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(Late) Gehimal Janjimal Khilnani

Name (Late) Gehimal Janjimal Khilnani
Date of Birth : Bhiria, Dist. Nawabshah,
Sind (Pakistan).

Place of Birth : 1893
Permanent Residential
: C/o K.J. Khilnani  High School,
Mori Road, Mahim,
Mumbai-400 016

As Educationists :

Late  Gehimal Khilnani  was basically a teacher by profession.  He started a High School in Karachi in 1935.  The quality of education imparted in this school attracted attention and the school became much sought after.

After partition of the country in 1947, Gehimal migrated to Mumbai and  started the high school in the same name, in Nov. 1947 at the hired premises at Bori Bunder, Mumbai, which is known as Victoria Terminus for Central Rly.  The refugee students, who stayed in Refugee Camps at various locations in Mumbai, found it convenient as they used to travel by local trains to come to school.

Considering the demand for the school admissions, Gehimal opened another branch under the same name, just outside Dadar Railway Station (Western Railway), once again at the hired premises in 1948.  He maintained the quality of educational standard as in Sind and no wonder the SCC results of this school were between 90 and  95%.  He formed the K.J. Khilnani Trust and a few years later school had its own building at Mori Road, Mahim, Mumbai, just adjacent to Jethi Behn colony, which is inhabitated by Sindhis.  Another school at Chembur  Colony, Mumbai, which is also mostly inhabitated by Sindhis was started in the name of Sadhu Vaswani High School by the same K.J. Khilnani Trust.

Additional Information :

i)    Gehimal was a simple and man of principles.  One  of his significant contributions was to build moral character of his pupils.  He never compromised on the principles of honesty & truthfulness.
ii)   He had established the practice of meeting and interacting with the parents of students at regular intervals with a view to get feed back on the physical & mental development of their wards.
iii)  He was deeply religious and God fearing man and was embodiment of Simple Living, High Thinking.

Finale :

K.J. Khilnani was one of the very few schools in Mumbai, which started almost immediately after the partition, to cater the educational needs of refugee students, who would have been otherwise left high & dry and perhaps would have lost a year.  These schools deserve to be commended for yeomen service rendered to Sindhi community at the crucial juncture.

Gehimal expired in December 1957 and his nephew Sitaldas Balani took over the reins of  schools run by the Trust.  All these schools are doing well.

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