Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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(Late) Ladharam Mohandas Chandiramani

Name (Late) Ladharam Mohandas Chandiramani
Title if any  : Master Ladharam
Date of Birth : Hyderabad, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : June 1893
Permanent Residential
: C/o  Ladharam High School,
Baroda, (Gujarat)

As Educationists :

Ideal Teacher :
Master Ladharam was the Principal of famous Gurdasmal Hindu High School at Hyderabad, Sind.  He was known as an ideal teacher. 

After partition, he migrated to Baroda (Gujarat) and with a view to cater the educational needs of thousands of students of refugee Sindhi parents, who migrated after partition, he responded to the call and started Sindhi Hindu High School at Baroda, which later came to be known as Master Ladharam High School.  This school was a result of his untiring effort and he built it brick by brick and today it is considered to be one of the top educational institution in whole of Gujarat.  He also helped needy Sindhi families in Baroda, who were the victims of partition.  He was committed educationist, who genuinely thought and believed that all his students were his children.  He cared & loved them not only on the premises of school. but also reached them at their residences, particularly when they fell ill or were weak in studies.  As a renowned Homoeopath, he treated them.

Homoeopath Practitioner :
He had acquired thorough knowledge of Homoeopathy from a Sanyasi in Sind on a condition that he will treat his patients free of charge.  With a view to honour his commitment to that Sanyasi, he hired a shop in Dandya Bazar,  Baroda,  and practiced Homoeopathy four hours in the evening, everyday without any fee and cured numerous patients.

Additional Information :

i)    Considering his background and his interest in social work, Ladharam was appointed as Justice of Peace by Govt. of Gujarat, a rare honour in those days.  He was also a true Gandhian and donned Khadi.
ii)   His entire life was dedicated to the cause of education and social service.  He was the  complete man, a good husband, a good teacher, a good father and above all a good human being.

       He expired on 6th Dec, 1953.

Finale :

An ideal teacher, father like friend of students, a social worker and above all a perfect  human being,  Ladharam migrated to Baroda (Gujarat) after Partition.  He established ‘Sindhi Hindu High School’ at Baroda, which later came to be known as Master Ladharam High School.  He practiced Homoeopathy also and did not charge his patients.

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