Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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(Late) Dada Nirmaldas Dharamdas Gurbaxani

Name (Late) Dada Nirmaldas Dharamdas Gurbaxani
Date of Birth : Hyderabad, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 29.10.1889
Academic Attainments          : M.A.
Permanent Residential
: Shanti Niketan,
143, S.V. Road, Khar,
Mumbai – 400 052
Telephone Nos. : 91-22-2648 6388

As Educationists :

Dada Gurbaxani was considered to be one of the pioneers of girl’s education in Sind.  In those days girls’ education was not an acceptable phenomenon.

He fought his way through and started a separate educational institution for girls called ‘Nav  Kanya Vidyalaya’ at Hyderabad, Sind.  In an effort to break the ‘taboo’ and ‘conservatism’, he personally assured the parents of girl students about their safety and security.

With his initiative, a few more educational institutions for girl students started, namely Kundanmal & Bhai Tolaram Gurdasmal Girls Schools in Sind. 

After partition of the country, he established school for Sindhis known as Kamla High School (named after his wife Kamla) at Khar,  Mumbai.  This School has grown from strength to strength and has acquired the name and fame in its own right.  He also set up ‘Social Service Centre’ at this School.  The object was to collect funds and help Sindhis,  staying at refugee camps at Kalyan, Mulund and other places in Mumbai.

In short, he was a true educationist and was a friend, philosopher and guide to student community.  He was endowed with missionary zeal.

Additional Information :

i)    He made every effort to fight the evil of ‘Deti Leti’ (Dowry).  He arranged to stage several plays/ dramas on evil effects of dowry.
ii)   He was deeply religious man and one of the pioneers of ‘Brahmo Samaj’.
iii)  He started his life as a teacher initially in schools, then in colleges and finally as Principal of several prestigious colleges.
iv)  He was Gandhian in his outlook and always laid emphasis on speaking the ‘truth’.  He was a man who believed in action and was true ‘Karma Yogi’.

       He expired on March 1966.

Finale :

Nirmaldas Gurbuxani was a protagonist of girls’ education, even in Sind.  His services in this connection are well known.

His progressive bent of mind was visible here too.  He wanted to inculcate in the minds of students the values of truth and simplicity.  He wanted that the social evils, like dowry etc. afflicting the Sindhi community should be eradicated."

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