Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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Parsram Parumal Dabrai

Name Parsram Parumal Dabrai
Title if any  : Baba Parsram
Date of Birth : Shikarpur, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 1895
Permanent Residential
: Wadala, Mumbai
Occupation/ Profession : He was in Sugar business
and was known as Sugar Baron

As Educationists :

In the year 1948,  in association with Madhavdas Sadarangani & Jhamnadas Talreja, he established ‘Seva Sadan Society’, basically to help Sindhi refugees, who migrated to India in the wake of partition of the country in 1947.  The first activity wasNari Shalla, (School for Women) at which destitute women were trained in sewing and embroidery.  The idea was to enable them to make the living with dignity.  Later again in 1948, Seva Sadan started a High School, in the name of New Eara High School, at Ulhasnagar Camp No. 3, under the stewardship of Principal Mansharamani.  This school had its own building in 1950.  As there was no school for women, between Ulhasnagar and Thane (about 30 kms), hence the Seva Sadan started College of Arts, Science, & Commerce for women in 1961 initially. Later it became co-educational college.  This college came to be known as famous  R.K. Talreja College, Ulhasnagar  in 1961.

Again in 1966, realising the dire need of having a training institute for teachers, Seva Sadan established College of Education, at Ulhasnagar. Baba himself personally nursed these educational institutions by paying regular visits to Ulhasnagar and having an ultimate interaction with the Principals of the institutions.  Although Baba Parsram had hardly any formal education, he took great interest in establishing educational institutions, particularly for the children of refugee parents.

Baba Parsram was also a philanthropist  and  a messiah for poor and needy persons.

Additional Information :

i)    Although he was a rich business man (Sugar baron), he had a very  simple life.  He was a true Gandhian and doned Khadi.  He had also played a part in freedom struggle.
ii)   He was a protagonist of woman educationist.
iii)  He was a highly religious man.  He strongly believed in the power of prayer.
iv)  He shunned publicity and adulation, and he never allowed sycophants around him.
v)   At the fag end of his life, he donated all his assets to Seva Sadan.  He also donated his eyes for the blind.

       He expired in March 1981.

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