Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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(Late) Pribhdas Tolani

Name (Late) Pribhdas Tolani
Title if any  : ‘Kaka’
Date of Birth : Larkana, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 25-8-1893
Academic Attainments          : B.A.
Permanent Residential
: 904, Prabhu Kunj,
15, Pedder Road
Mumbai – 400 026

As Educationists :

Whilst Bhai Pratab Dialdas was given the responsibility of building  ‘Nav Sind’  township,  called ‘Gandhidham’  in Kutch (Gujarat). Kaka Pribhdas Tolani undertook the responsibility of providing educational facilities to the inhabitants of this ‘Nav Sind’.  He founded ‘Gandhidham Collegiate Board’ and under its aegis, the  Colleges in almost all faculties such as Arts, Science, Commerce, Pharmacy, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Home Science, Polytechnic etc. were started and today these educational institutions are flourishing.

Apart from building colleges, he also provided infrastructural facilities,  like Hostels, Quarters for Teaching Staff, Stadium for sports and a Theatre for cultural programmes etc.  It is a monumental contribution in the field of education, particularly in the newly built township by ‘Kaka’  Pribhdas.

Additional Information :

i)    ‘Kaka’ Pribhdas belonged to one of the richest Zamindar family in Sind.  He was the President of Larkana Municipality,  in Sind.
ii)   His son Gopal was the Session Judge in Sind.
iii)  He was also a great philanthropist and was  ‘God Father’ of the ‘needy’.  He expired in 1988.

Finale :

If anyone wants to know what is a “Super human being”, think of “Kaka Pribhdas Tolani”. One of the richest Zamindars of Sind, he was deprived of everything he possessed by the Pakistan Government, before he migrated to India. Here in India, he started life anew and with his business and professional acumen, he built business-empire.  But what gave him greatest satisfaction of his life,  was his urge to start various colleges in Gandhidham (Adipur-Kutch).  He founded educational institutions in almost all the faculties, such as Arts, Science, Commerce, Pharmacy, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Home Science, and Polytechnic etc.  Even with his weak eyesight in old age (he was hardly able to see), he continued to evince interest in education.  He had magnificent command over English language and the  number of books, he dictated to his assistant, including  ‘Geeta My Guide’,  ‘Sun Set Reflections’ and a couple which were published by famous Bharati Vidya Bhavan.   Having realised the hardships that one has to undergo without eyesight, he built a modern Eye Hospital at Gandhidham.

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