Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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(Late) Sitaldas Lokchand Khemani

Name (Late) Sitaldas Lokchand Khemani
Title if any  : ‘Rai Sahib’
Date of Birth : Kandiaro, Nawab Shah, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 1-1-1890
Academic Attainments          : Matric

As Educationists :

Rai Sahib Sitaldas Khemani was one of the pioneers in educational field.  After partition of the country, thousands of Sindhis, who migrated to India as refugees, were lodged in the abandoned and dilapidated military barricks in Kalyan, which subsequently came to be known as Ulhasnagar.  It was like God above earth below situation.  The refugee students were left high and dry.  Rai Sahib Khemani plunged into the educational field to cater to the dire need of such students.  He, in association with some of his friends, founded  Sind Education Society and with humble beginning, he opened schools in all 5 refugee camps at Ulhasnagar.  Today under the said Education Society, there are 5 High Schools, 3 Jr. Colleges and 3 Primary Schools. He loved student community very dearly and was their godfather and would go at any length to support them.  Number of the students who had received education at these schools/ colleges have done well in their respective sphere of professional activities and they take pride in mentioning the names of their schools. 

Additional Information :

i)    In Sind, Sitaldas was in Govt. service at the senior level and considering his contributions to society and meritorious service in Govt., he was conferred with the title of Rai Sahib by British Govt. in Sind, which was considered to be a rare honour in those days.
ii)   He was an able Administrator and the man with vision.
iii)  Because of his intimate contacts at political & bureaucratic level,  he was able to resolve number of problems of refugee camps at Kalyan.
iv)  He was also very kind & helpful to senior citizens and helped them in many ways.

       He expired in October 1965.

Finale :

After partition of the country, lakhs of Sindhis were huddled in various refugee camps.  The Kalyan refugee camp was the biggest of all.   Sitaldas Khemani thought of refugee students and along with some friends founded Sind Education Society, which catered to the needs of thousands of Sindhi children.  He opened schools in all the five refugee camps of Kalyan (now Ulhasnagar). It was a monumental effort.  First priority of Sindhi refugee children was education and Sitaldas Khemani deserves a boquet of red roses for providing educational institutions to them."

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