Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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(Late)  Tillumal Menghraj Advani

Name (Late)  Tillumal Menghraj Advani
Date of Birth : Hyderabad, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 26.3.1889
Academic Attainments          : M.A., LLB.
Permanent Residential
: Rtd. Principal, Jai Hind College,
Mumbai, and Former Vice-Chancellor,
University of  Bombay.

As Educationists :

Principal T.M. Advani, who was the Principal of famous D.J. Sind College, Karachi, Sind,  established Sindhi College at the prime location (near Churchgate Railway Station) in Mumbai named Jai Hind College and Basantsing Institute of Science after the partition of the country.  The basic purpose of having an Educational Institution at that juncture was to cater the educational needs of refugee students, whose parents were virtually forced to leave their homes and hearths in Sindh, and migrated to India in the wake of the partition of the country. Principal T.M. Advani and some of his other colleagues from D.J. Sind College, formed ‘Sind Educationists’ Association and the arduous journey to build a college began with trials & tribulations attendant on it.  A whopping sum of Rs. 10 lacs was the estimated cost of the building alone and to find this kind of money required an ‘indomitable will’ apart from gigantic effort to raise resources of such magnitude.
The ‘Leadership’ of Mr. Advani with the unstinted co-operation and active involvement of his colleagues, such as Prof. Ram Panjwani, Prof. G.G. Kewalramani, Prof. T.G. Khubchandani and others made it ‘Happen’ and the college building was inaugurated in June 1952, by the then Vice-President of India Dr.S. Radhakrishanan. This institution grew from strength to strength purely on its merits.  The University examination results were ‘Exemplary’ and thus Jaihind College carved a place of pride for itself in the life of cosmopolitan Bombay.  Academically, it has moved close to the ‘top’ amongst the educational Institutions in Mumbai.

Other Coveted Positions :
1.    Vice Chancellor,  University of Bombay.
Principal Advani, basically because of his meritorious services in the field of education and the name & fame of  Jai Hind College caught the attention of Educationists & Politicians and he was installed as Vice-Chancellor of University of Bombay in 1957.  A rare honour not only for Mr. Advani, but also for the entire Sindhi community.

2.    Vice Chancellor of University of Jammu & Kashmir.
On completion of his term with Bombay University, he was appointed as Vice Chancellor of the University of Jammu and Kashmir. He handled both these positions admirably and became popular, not only with Academic Councils, Senates and other University bodies, but also with the student community, who considered him to be their Friend, Philosopher and Guide.

3.    Apart from the above, he also held several important & prestigious positions in the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India till he breathed his last on 28th December 1967.

Finale :

Principal T.M. Advani was an eminent educationist and a Professor of high calibre.  He catered to the needs of refugee students by starting famous Jai Hind College.  Because of his meritorious services in the filed of education and his impressive personality, he was installed as Vice Chancellor of University of Bombay and subsequently the Vice Chancellor of University of Jammu and Kashmir.  A rare honour, which no other Sindhi in India has attained.  He was a man of principles and was considered to be an authority on English literature.  A man of few words and was well respected by the students, teachers & staff. 

They say one ‘Success Story’ leads to another & so on.  Jai Hind College became a source of inspiration to host of other educationists in Sindhi community and today there are a number of Schools and Colleges in all faculties founded by the stalwarts of the community all over the country which have made our community proud.

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