Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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(Late) Shri Hundraj Issandas Chugh

Name (Late) Shri Hundraj Issandas Chugh
Title if any  : ‘Khurkhabito’
Date of Birth : Shikarpur, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 19-7-1919
Academic Attainments          : Matric
Permanent Residential
: C/o.  Raja Das 5/19, Artists’
Village Sector –8, CBD Belapur,
New Mumbai – 400 614

As Journalist :

Hundraj joined ‘Sansar Samachar’ Daily Sindhi newspaper in Sind and within a short time, he became its Editor.  After partition he started ‘Sansar Samachar’ alongwith (Late) Shri Thakurdas Agnani in Bombay.  Shri Rijhumal Agnani was its Editor.  Very soon Hundraj started writing humorous articles in the name “Khurkhabito”.  His articles under the column  ‘Gap Shap’ in ‘Sansar Samachar were widely read and much appreciated by the readers all over the country.  Readers used to look forward to receiving ‘Sansar Samachar’ newspaper and one of the main attraction was ‘Gap Shap’ column.  The contents were mostly political, satire oriented and blended with rustic humour.

Later Hundraj started his own newspaper in the name of ‘New Sansar Samachar’, which was subsequently edited by his son ‘Raja Das’ after Shri Hundraj’s death in 1959.

Additional Information :

i)    When the British Govt. started the Slaughter House in Lahore where hundreds of cows were butchered on regular basis, he raised his voice through his articles not only in Sindhi newspapers but also in Hindi and Urdu Newspaper compelling British Govt. to close the slaughter house.
ii)   He very actively helped Sindhi Refugees, who were lodged in Camps after partition and also highlighted their problems/ grievances through his news paper columns and sought solutions.
iii)  He was also Boy Scout and had the privilege of escorting ‘Veer Sawarkar’ (Staunch Hindu Leader) in his capacity as Group Captain of the Scout, when he visited Sind.  He was awarded Gold Medal as ‘disciplined leader’.
iv)  He was very humorous even in school days and had the gift of ‘quick wit’.  He participated in several humorous plays and won prizes for his wit and humour.

Finale :

Humour and satire were the main characteristics of Hundraj Das Khurkhabito’s writings.   A public minded activist, Das joined Sindhi journalistic field early in his life.  His humorous column ‘Gap Shap’ in Sansar Samachar Sindhi daily was very popular to Sindhi readers.  He was a versatile scribe, who touched almost every aspect of displaced Sindhis post partition era.  His satirical articles on social and political evils made him popular in public.

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