Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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(Late) Shri Mansingh Chuharmal Balchandani

Name (Late) Shri Mansingh Chuharmal Balchandani
Date of Birth : Padd Idan, Dist. Nawabshah, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 28-2-1901
Academic Attainments          : B.A.
Permanent Residential
: ‘Kedarnath’, 3rd/4th Road,
Khar, Mumbai – 400 052

As Journalist :

1.    Mansingh was an eminent journalist and also publisher.  He was very closely associated with the prestigious ‘Hindustan’ Sindhi Daily for almost 50 years.  This Sindhi newspaper was known as ‘Hindu’ in Sind, and restarted in the name of ‘Hindustan’ in Mumbai soon after partition.  In 1953 he started weekly newspaper called ‘Hinduvasi’ and remained its Editor for almost 20 years.  This weekly newspaper has progressed by leaps and bounds and today it is much sought after paper not only in India but all over the world, wherever Sindhis have settled down.  Mansigh’s contribution in its nursing and taking it to greater heights was outstanding.
2.    He also started ‘Hindustan Kitab Ghar’ and published number of books in Sindhi literature, which were made available at an affordable price.  He encouraged and supported Sindhi ‘Writers’ & ‘Poets’ to  write and he had the pleasure of publishing their works.

As writer :

Apart from being an eminent Journalist, Mansingh was also a writer in his own right and wrote/ translated several books.  A few significant amongst them were:
1.    ‘Lag Nandho Jeeu Ghano’, (Look young live long).
2.    ‘Sidharath’.
3.    ‘Gulan Ji Muth’ (Fist full of flowers).
4.    Among the books he translated, the outstanding one was ‘Sadai Jawan Sadai Nirogo’  (How to remain young & without ailment). 
Note:    He received Presidential Award for this Publication particularly on the merit of its beautiful printing.

Additional Information :

i)    Mansingh was true Gandhian & freedom fighter and was imprisoned five times.  He was one of the protagonists of ‘Civil Disobedience Movement’.
ii)   He was the President of Students’ Parliament during his college career.
iii)  For a few years after partition the Govt appointed him as ‘Camp Commandant’ of couple of Sindhi Refugee Camps.  He was also known as an able Administrator.
He expired in December 1981

Finale :

Mansingh Chuharmal was among the old guards of Sindhi journalism.  A Gandhian by conviction he was not only a seasoned journalist but also a rigid and disciplined administrator who believed that an efficient administration was the backbone of a newspaper.  It was under his able guidance that circulation of Sindhi journals touched unbelievable heights, Hindvasi at 22500 and Hindustan at 18000.

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