Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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Ramkrishin Hirnand Advani

Name Ramkrishin Hirnand Advani
Title if any  : Rahi
Date of Birth : Hyderbad, Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 10-7-1924
Academic Attainments          : B.A.
Permanent Residential
: 49A/1362, MIG, Adrash Nagar
Worli, Mumbai - 400  025
Telephone Nos. : (R) 91-22-2430 6110

As Journalist :

Before partition of the country, Rahi was free-lance journalist, contributing articles/ news items to several Sindhi News papers/ Magazines in Sind.

After partition he joined the Editorial Board of Hindustan Sindhi Daily and Hindvasi Sindhi Weekly Newspapers, uptilnow.

Rahi is perhaps the oldest living Sindhi Journalist and has made significant contributions in the filed of journalism.

As writer :

1.    Gyan Gunj (Funds of knowledge).
2.    Ishwar Dhiyai Anand Pai (Remember God & be happy)
3.    Rozano Vichar, (Thought for the day), Five Edition.

Recognition By Way Of Award/ Honours :

Rahi received several Honours/ Awards as Best Journalist.  The most significant amongst them are:

•    Award as Best Journalist, 1980 (At Mumbai by Ishwarbai Buxani Foundation).
•    Award as Best Journalist, 1990 (At Mumbai by International Sindhi Panchayat Federation).
•    Award as Best Journalist, 2000 (At Mumbai by Murk Publication in remembrance of famous Bhagwanti Navani and Pushpa Malhi).

Additional Information :

ii)   Rahi encouraged Sindhi Artists and brought their talent to lime light.  He was one of protagonist of Sindhi drama and helped founding quite a few Sindhi dramatic societies including Kala Vikas and Sindhu Kala Mandir.  He also helped formation of socio-cultural organisation, like Priyadarshini Academy and Sahyog foundation etc.

Finale :

Ramkrishin Advani, an all-rounder in the field, can serve to any genre of journalism i.e. literary, cultural, social or film reporting with an equal ease.  However, he has made his mark in the film and cultural reporting.  One of the oldest living Sindhi journalist he is associated with the field from Sind itself.  Widely known as Rahi, his weekly cultural column on the back cover of Hindvasi was a centre of attraction for many.  His encouraging write-ups provided momentum to Sindhi Drama activity in Mumbai.

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