Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

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Shri Vishnu Bhatia

Name Shri Vishnu Bhatia
Date of Birth : Karachi,  Sind (Pakistan)
Place of Birth : 21-4-1941
Academic Attainments          : Inter Arts, Ratan (Hindi), 
Koved (Sanskrit)
Permanent Residential
: 20/114, Mulund Colony,
Mumbai  400 082

As Journalist :

1.    Vishnu is Sr. Sub-Editor, Hindustan Sindhi Daily Newspaper & Hindvasi, a Weekly Sindhi Magazine.
2.    Also he is columnist & contributes regularly to Sindhi magazines like Koonj, Sipoon, Rachna etc.

Radio Plays :
Vishnu Bhatia has also written the following Radio Plays:
1.    Bebu O Bebu
2.    Akh Pharke, Dil Dharke (Twinkle in Eye Beating of Heart).
3.    Inam (Reward).
4.    Nind Na Kar Nandan (Do Not Oversleep).

Recognition By Way of Awards/ Honours :
    Lifetime Achievement Award, 1995 (At Mumbai by Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha).

As writer :

Vishnu Bhatia has written 11 Collections of short stories, 4 novels,  and 1 on essay.  Most significant amongst them are given:
1.    Darda Bhari Dil (Painful heart), 1963.
2.    Dil Ji Basti (Dwelling of heart), Short Stories Collection, 1965.
3.    Chandermukhi, Short Stories Collection, 1965.
4.    Sawal (Question), Novel, 1976.
5.    Rishtan Jo Ant (End of relationship), 2001.

Additional Information :

He is a renowned prolific Short Story writer and some of his short stories have been translated in other Indian languages, such as Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Tamil, Telgu, and Malyalam and English.

Finale :

Vishnu Bhatia was basically an established creative writer. He turned to journalism comparatively at later stage, when he joined Hindustan Daily in mid-seventies, due to financial compulsions.  He was a great asset to the paper as the old timer good translators and Sub Editors were in the process of exhaustion.  At that time journalism was called fast writing and Vishnu’s fertile creativity helped him to get established in the field speedily.  As voracious reader and studious man, his column Haftevar Potamal (weekly stock) and other tropical articles have proved to be very popular to readers.  However as an author of many fiction books, he has maintained his

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