Rano Chho Na Murke & Other Sindhi Remix Songs - Audio CD

Rano Chho Na Murke & Other Remix Songs - An Audio CD

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Download the Tracks: MP3 Format

  1. Ahro Jo Murs Maryo Ghuman [MP3 Format, Size: 1,731 KB]
  2. Rano Chho Na Murke [MP3 Format, Size: 1,951 KB]
  3. Ahyaa Shadia Lai Taiyar [MP3 Format, Size: 1,335 KB]
  4. Laada Medley [MP3 Format, Size: 1,929 KB]
  5. Tuhinje Shahar Mein [MP3 Format, Size: 1,525 KB]
  6. Titir Tez Udaar [MP3 Format, Size: 1,687 KB]
  7. Diso Aashiqan Ja Insaaf [MP3 Format, Size: 1,757 KB]
  8. Rusan Ghor Rana [MP3 Format, Size: 2,240 KB]

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