Cultural Language and Script

Cultural Language and Script

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

There can be more than one way of reaching a fixed destination or attaining a particular goal. These means are chosen on the basis of circumstances. For example, if a person wishes to travel from one city to the other, he can either board a train, or take a flight or go by a bus or a taxi too. And his choice will depend on his circumstances. Sindhi culture, Sindhi language and Sindhi script also need to be examined through the looking glass of circumstances.

Today the primary motive of the Sindhi community is the protection of its culture and the rich heritage be handed over to the new generation, so that the youngsters feel a part of their community and culture. The Sindhi language is an integral part of its culture and therefore it is quintessential to learn and use the language not only to retain its presence but also to use it as an effective tool for the attainment of the indigenous culture.

In order to spread the Sindhi culture, other languages and media can also be put to use, apart from the Sindhi language itself. Just as the teachings of the Bhagvad Gita are not just limited to the Sanskrit language alone. Its translation is available in around 45 other languages of the world. According to recent findings, 25 lakh copies of the Holy Gita were published and sold in the Russian language, in the last one year alone.

Similarly, the Sindhi script is also an important part of the cultural heritage, in which the rich literature of Sindhi is also (re) stored. That is why, along with the language, the script should also be preserved. On the contrary, the script is also helpful in learning the language efficiently. At the same time, we also have a choice of script of other languages and varied media to learn the Sindhi language.

Sindhology has a very clear vision :

  • The protection and promotion of the Sindhi culture is our sole motive. In order to attain this objective, other languages of other regions, apart from the Sindhi language itself, can be made use of, so that people living in far off places or foreign lands, can be enlightened about the rich and vivid culture.
  • The Sindhi language is an integral part of its culture and therefore adequate and proper knowledge about the language needs to be imparted. By using other scripts, languages and media, a large number of Sindhi youngsters will be in a position to learn the language efficiently.
  • The Sindhi script is the most valuable part of its art and culture. The Sindhi alphabets (which are similar to the Urdu and Arabic language) along with alphabets of other languages like the Devnagiri and Roman script can be used for the same. This would facilitate the process of learning the language with greater ease.
  • We should ultimately not forget that the end is more important than the means and in order to reach a particular end, more than one medium can be employed. And we should also not forget the fact that passing information or creating awareness is more important than the means.

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