Desire and Interest

Desire and Interest

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

There are two different words in the Sindhi language - 'chah' and 'chahu' - which can be differentiated as 'desire' and 'interest' respectively. Though both the words sound almost similar, they are in no way, similar in meaning. Almost every Sindhi has the 'desire' to promote the Sindhi language by speaking can be omitted it, making their children learn it, read and write in can be omitted and making them feel and look like Sindhis; but they do not have an 'interest' to bring about any change around themselves! Neither do we have an inclination to talk in the Sindhi language with the family members or for that matter even amongst ourselves. We do not look forward to read and write in Sindhi, or attend any Sindhi programs, nor do we encourage our children to read, write and study in the Sindhi language. As a result of this, our 'desire' has still not been fulfilled. We fail to find a solution for it and ultimately feel dejected.

What we need to understand is that with a sheer desire, we can neither tread on the path nor reach our destination. The proverb - 'where there is a will there is a way' - can be materialized only when the 'chah' i.e. desire gets the support of the 'chahu' i.e. the interest or the initiation.

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