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Difficult Problems, Easy Solutions

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

Many times it so happens that there is easy solution found out for the most difficult problem of life as well as society, e.g. a person who might be suffering from a chronic disease, one fine day may recover with the help of an ordinary medicine.

Some times, similar thing happens with the society also. When we were ruled over by the Britishers, many political leaders tried to free the country, but Gandhiji suggested a very simple solution i.e. non co-operation movement which could bring freedom for us.

Once India had to face the problem of food shortage. Due to this we had to import food grains from America, which harmed our self respect. This was a big problem, but Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri found out an easy solution. He requested the people of India to observe fast once a week, through which we could save lacs of tonnes of food grains.

Today, the greatest problem for Sindhi community is to save its language and literature. Most of the Sindhi schools have been closed down. This subject is very rarely taught in schools and colleges. Besides this, Sindhi language is disappearing from the homes too.

Parents hardly speak to their children in Sindhi. On one hand very few Sindhi news papers are published, those also mostly for the purpose of advertisements. But on the other hand, many Sindhi books are being printed for which there are very few readers. No doubt in every big or small town of India, countless institutions have been opened to encourage Sindhi language, also some seminars are conducted every year to discuss this issue, but the problem still remains unsolved.

Here I take an opportunity to suggest one simple solution for this problem. There are about 25 such towns and cities in our country where we find Sindhis in large number. If we follow the mantra of "Each one, teach one." and see that one knowing Sindhi teaches one such person who doesn't know his language, the problem can be solved. Even if only 20 such persons are taught Sindhi every year in each town, in all 500 persons can learn the langage yearly. Is this not an easy solution?

Why not start it immediately from Gandhidham, the new home town of Sindhis.

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