Let Us Learn To Count Ourselves

Let Us Learn To Count Ourselves

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

The democratic form of Government adopted in India is based on facts and figures. A few digits here or there can make the ruling parties topple down. And, that is why, today, a 'vote bank' is more important than any other bank, taking care of people's money or solving their financial problems. Therefore, a political party having a large 'vote bank' is considered to be the most powerful. It has become equally important for the Sindhi community to not to forget to count themselves.

When, every morning, we watch the nation's increasing population census on the television, we do not ask ourselves that how much was our population when we settled in India, and what is the number today? According to the statistics available, around 12-13 lakh Sindhis had migrated to India during the partition. The 1991 statistics showed the number to be 22 lakh, which means that in 40 years, our population has not even doubled, whereas people of other communities have increased by 3 or 4 times!! This has happened because we have not learnt to count ourselves individually. In Gujarat, we have been counted as Gujaratis and in Maharashtra as Marathis. In Karnataka, we have been considered Kannada speakers and in Tamilnadu as speakers of the Tamil language. This has happened because we have never given much importance to the fact that we should have been counted as Sindhis.

At least now we should take care that wherever we are and whenever we are being counted, we should be considered as Sindhis and our mother tongue as Sindhi; and instead of feeling ashamed while doing so, we should learn to take pride in it, taking it as a matter of our personal identity.

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