Our Aim

Our Aim

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

A seminar on "The Survey of Sindhi Literature" was organized from 27-29 July, 1996 in Sindhology by the National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language. During the same period, an organization called the Alliance of Sindhi Associations of America organized a meeting in Chicago, for which Lakhmi Khilani and I were invited as participants and present a report about the activities of Indian Institute of Sindhology. We had three options - we could have either with held the local seminar or could have attended the meeting in America and in the third situation, we could have found a way out not to miss the opportunity at America and at the same time not let the seminar here get affected due to our absence.

After discussing the issue with friends here, we found the third option most suitable, because missing any of the events would have been a matter of great loss. By doing so, not only were we doubly benefited, but also that we wished to prove that Sindhology does not function only because of Satish Rohra and Lakhmi Khilani alone, but other colleagues also played an equally important role.

And we were glad that the option chosen by us proved to be most favorable. On one hand, where, our trip to America, Canada and London was successful, on the other the seminar at Adipur too was successfuly conducted. But in spite of this, a few friends complained to us of having gone away to America without informing them and claimed that we had ditched them.

We respect the feelings of those friends and well wishers. In fact, their complaint came form the bottom of their hearts. In fact, we had deliberately not told them about our trip to America fearing that they would not attend the seminar here, because of our absence.

It was actually our ardent wish that they too come and see how the Institute works efficiently, even without the presence of Satish and Lakhmi. And, we are sure, that they would've experienced and felt for themselves that Sindhology now has the ability to stand on its own and have an independent existence.

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